Sunday, 6 July 2014

"2049" game PCB goes out for manufacture!

The 2049 game (as I've now decided to call it) is the 3rd PCB job that I've sent to OSHPark.

6 boards for less than £16 with free international shipping.  In the past the boards have been in my hands within 5 weeks of submitting the designs.  That is *fast* turnaround.  At work I'm used to 8-12 week turnaround times for commercial boards.  5 weeks without having to pay for accelerated service is spectacular.

The second best thing about OSH Park in my opinion the awesome user interface on their website.  Upload your zip file full of Gerbers and drillfiles and the website processes it while you wait and then shows you their own interpretations of your Gerber files.  You can review them and then decide whether or not to continue or go back and fix any problems with your design.  Absolutely brilliant system.

Here's a couple of screenshots of the finished board as sent to OSHPark just now...

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  1. Very Good Wardy !!

    I also use for most of my boards, they are just down the road (150 miles) from Seattle in Portland. I normally get my boards back in 10 to 15 days. I agree, they have Great Prices and Service!